Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Saga of the Hottie Wattie Nottie–part 2



(Pictured:  My super-hero without a cape – My Hottie Wattie Hottie)

Day 2 – After some starts and stops and restarts we were finally able to secure a replacement hot water heater.  Roger was at Home Depot at the butt crack (see what I did there?) of dawn wrangling a new unit while I was risking life and limb in not 1 but 2 early morning school drop offs.  We both discussed the possibility of starting cocktails at 8:00 am but decided we should wait because we would be doing after school pick up as well and probably shouldn’t be impaired.

I spent most of the day watching all my wet towels ooze water onto fence boards, patio furniture and hang like dripping shrouds from my ghetto clotheslines on the party-o.  I was in need of a hero in the form of a plumber.  I waited all day.  Let me repeat myself….ALL.DANGED.DAY!  I mean seriously people we aren’t talking about a leaky faucet here….we are talking NO HOT WATER!!!

About 4:00 pm salvation arrived in the form of two guys wearing the T-shirts you see pictured which literally “cracked” me up (see…I did it again)


I thought I was going to have a problem with the “Master Plumber” when he informed me there were new codes and standards that I had to comply with and where was my hoodicay and this and that and whatchamacallit.  But I plied him with cookies and he warmed right up to me even informing my husband he was a lucky man – he had a good lookin’ wife who cooked.  Bahahahahahahaha  Apparently all it takes to impress a plumber is a plate of slice and bake chocolate chip cookies and you are golden.

By 5:30 pm our new darling was installed and fired up.  We are hoping we are departed from this earth before this lovely has the chance to become Gross Offender #2.


At 6:30 pm – I was in full laundry mode washing towels and sheets through more than one cycle per load.  They were… a word…..nasty beyond belief.  In fact they will never be the same.  My pretty white fluffy towels look like they have spent a season in a football field house.  UGH!


My next event was a hot as I could stand it bath and shampoo!  I kind of felt like I’d spent a while in that same locker room as my towels.  There will be no photographic record of this event.  YOU.ARE.WELCOME!

We have climbed the first hurdle in our Hottie Wattie Nottie Adventure and turned it from a HWN to a RHW (restored hot water) event.  We shall now progress to the next phase of our journey.  The drying of the carpet, drywall and concrete.  We expect this to be nothing less than a near religious experience.