Friday, November 21, 2014

Saleing, Selling, Sailing

vyardsaleWith the increased numbers of people who like to use the computer for virtually everything except for finding directions, instructions or spell check, comes the Virtual (Online) Garage Sale craze.
For a number of months I have been amazed and horrified repeatedly by the amount of drama ensuing from the posting of a slightly damaged pack’n play or a collection of  chipped Fiesta ware.  You name it….someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. OR.IS.IT?
Probably the most horrifying things are the posts that begin “I am SALEING this item.”  Or the equally cringe worthy “I have a whole box of these for SELL.”  Then there was the lady that had an antique omwire for sale.  I confess it took me quite a while to discern the item in question was indeed an armoire.  I actually felt badly for the girl who offered 2 shits for $10.00.  And apparently no one gave 2 shits for her offering because they are still there.  I commented I usually got those for free or after eating bad Mexican food.  Sorry…but I just had to.
People become practically homicidal if they believe the seller has overlooked them in the string of 50 comments of “interested” and online arguments happen frequently and heatedly.
And then there are the words that strike fear in the hearts of online stalkers everywhere.  CROSS POSTED!  This means your chances of actually making a successful arrangement for the item of your dreams is practically nil.  After all….did they post it FIRST on the site you are looking at, or was this site the 3rd or 4th stopping off place?  How many people have commented “interested” or worse “next” on the object of your affection?  How do you ensure this item is yours if you agree to meet with cash in hand in the back corner of the local Walmart at 10:52 pm on the next rainy day that falls on Tuesday?   ARRRGH…it is maddening!
I have a friend who dared to mention the lack of correct usage for Sale and Sell and was immediately set upon by illiterate angry people everywhere accusing her of being judgmental and yes…evil…for calling this to their attention.  I think that thread is still ongoing and probably has close to 1,000 comments by now.  These people missed the point….if you have a computer, which you obviously do….use it.  Check your spelling, check your usage.  Then you don’t look silly or foolish.  It is a wonderful tool.
Also, if you look back at your post and… horrors!……you have made an unfortunate spelling gaff use the edit function immediately and fix your mistake.  Then if people call you to task….they look silly for mentioning it because….voila! it is no longer there!
And while you are SAILING on the seas of cyberspace remember….it is not necessary for you to ask “is there a clinic in X that stays open after 5:00?”  Google it people!  I’ve actually answered questions of this nature for people who live in OTHER STATES!  It is all out there….you just have to take it!
And now a disclaimer.  **I am not responsible for any spelling errors or grammatical issues in this posting.  I have had more than a few glasses of wine and an Ambian**
I’m off to see the sites at the virtual garage sale….garage sail…oh well….you know.