Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yes, I'm Hacked Off and I'm Trying to Get Over It.

Maybe you have noticed and maybe you haven't.  Maybe you've noticed but just didn't give a big fat rip.  I have been AFB (Absent From Blog) for many many moons.

There are several reasons for this not the least of which is there just hasn't been that many interesting or funny things to talk about of late.  And the things that I could talk about would probably result in me further alienating people.  Hmmmm, let me I really care about this one?  Let me get back to you on that, the jury is still out.

One can speculate all they want about what the problem is but if you know me much and have listened ever you will probably figure it out.  Let's just say that throwing snow at a tiger's head will get you just about the same result as crapping on someone who has really tried to help you, and has sacrificed a lot to do the right thing.

I will leave you today with one thought.....allowing someone to be themselves is an important part of life.  Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, warts and all.  I've found the people with the biggest freaking character flaws are the most judgmental and unforgiving humans in the world.  And....if you have a history of not liking a certain set of people over and over again, chances are you are the stinking fly in the ointment, not them.    Grrrrr.