Monday, July 29, 2013

Got Game?



I like to spend some of my leisure time playing games..........mostly games I find on Facebook. There are lots of really good ones and they are really fun to play.

That reach that magic portion of the game when the game decides you no longer have need of advancement and chooses to make you linger in the purgatory of level 69 in Candy Crush where that disembodied voice takes great pleasure in letting you know you failed to clear the jelly. Or then there is level 308 in Bubble Witch Saga with the linked bubbles and I refuse to talk about that one altogether. And who cannot appreciate the Farm Heroes Saga that wants you to accumulate 198 onions, apples and strawberries in 10 moves. Loads of fun!!

My frustration level drove me back to Words With Friends where I was promptly handed my butt by every opponent known to man. I even played random people in hopes of finding someone stupid....didn't work.

In desperation to find something I could play without pulling out my eyebrow hairs, I wandered back over to Farmtown where I promptly planted a whole plot of grapes and then forgot about them. When I returned, they were withered and dead.

I think I am being told to step away from the dark side and go back to my needle and embroidery thread. I have a Christmas stocking to finish before this Christmas. I have a feeling if I don't get this project done in time I'm going to find out what an epic failure I really am.


Sunday, July 14, 2013



Noooooooooo, not these guys………..

The in synch I’m talking about involves my neighborhood.  I wonder how hard it would be to get everyone to agree to mow/weed eat/edge and trim at the same time on the same day?

I have this really cozy little Party-o that I am super duper proud of and I love to sit out there and read and sometimes sew.  Invariably my time there is limited to about 12 minutes because just as I get settled and really “into” my project……someone cranks up their dad gummed mower and there goes the peace and quiet.

To make matters worse, when someone is mowing, it really hacks off the dogs in other yards and they start barking and flinging themselves at the fence in the hope they can take on the mowing beast they can hear but not see.

Then there are the neighbors who have a dog simply because it must be “cool” to have a dog.  That dog is so bored and so neglected he barks if he hears a mouse fart in the neighboring town.  I have what could be classified as a “herd” of canine family members and collectively they don’t make as much noise as that one dog on a given day. 

Howl Fests are excluded from the above statement – everyone knows a good howling simply cannot be avoided from time to time.

One of my neighbors mows his entire yard with a weed eater.  This is the same neighbor I refer to as the Tree Butcher who takes it upon himself to trim my vegetation as he deems it necessary.  However, the fact that his truck garden is climbing over my fence and encroaching my personal space escapes him.  I’m just hoping the “yield” of the encroachment is something I like….because I’m keeping it.

Living in town has its advantages……you are close to the store……….yeah, that’s about it.

But the disadvantage are you have to peacefully co-exist with relative strangers.  And I try very hard to NOT be “that” neighbor who takes issue with every little thing.  However, we are now a week past 4th of July and my tolerance for fireworks have ceased.

In case you are reading this – we will be mowing our yard on Tuesday……maybe in the early morning and maybe really late at night.  I’d like for it to be a surprise for you.  Seriously, the city can set up days and times you can water, why not when you can mow.  Then we could all sit on my Party-o, drink a beer, listen to music and chat without screaming at each other.  Let’s get In Synch people…………..