Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What’s On?


Sooooooo, first of all (Reality show junkie that I am) I have to say I am sorta likin’ this little Bachelorette chick. Aside from being a little loose with her lips which some might find a bit gross (I don’t – I think kissing is fun and let’s face it….if the earth don’t move when someone kisses you – why bother taking the trip) Ms. Des is a pretty down to earth little gal.

I was a bit worried about her at first over her inability to see when she was being manipulated and played, but she went a long way toward easing my fears when she sent “Gentle Ben” packing. After all, she lived through the whole Terrible Tierra thing last season and she needed to recognize when that behavior was manifesting again. Now if she can just see through the prettiness and smooth talkin’ James she might actually have a shot at a great guy.

That being said…..my husband is about to embark on a worldwide “Revoking your Man Card Tour.” We are both noticing a trend in our television viewing that seems to indicate guys are becoming more tuned in to their softer side. Now….I can appreciate a guy who has the ability to be tender, but the sight of guys crying all the time kind of makes me cringe. I will never get to the point that I don’t appreciate a guy who will go “balls to the wall” for the people he loves and a cause he believes in.

When the likes of Sean Connery, Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck are the things your dreams are made of, someone tearing up over not getting a one on one date leaves you a bit cold and makes you feel kinda icky.

Now, on to much more serious matters. Falling Skies. Love.This.ALOT! I’ve been secretly crushing on Noah Wyle since his ER days and this story of a professor turned blood and guts freedom fighter waging war against aliens really gets me going. Now, there is a guy whose sensitive side is apparent but not cringe worthy. This whole show is a thumbs up for me, mostly because I like this sort of thing. Remember me? I’m the person who is still wondering what the helicopter happened to all those poor people on the 4400. (TV people please note, if you are bent on canceling something – your viewers need closure. We’ve invested, we’ve cared…..don’t leave us hanging.)

I am pretty hacked off at the Food Network over the whole Paula Deen thing. To me, she is becoming living proof of what my old dad always said “stick your head up above the crowd and someone is going to be waiting to behead you.” What a load of Country Crock! Seriously…..we’ve all done and said things we’ve come to regret, times change, people change………and sometimes we evolve and look back at our past and think “WTH was I thinking?”

Personally I’ve come to learn that your opinions about things are directly governed over by how close to home a subject hits. In other words, racial issues, gender issues, sexual preferences, &  political issues are all very lofty things to weigh your opinions on. But let one of those things affect you on a personal level and your opinions tend to shift………..your core values may remain the same but how you feel about it is now colored by your heart. So, Paula made a mistake in the past…she used some not so pretty language. She’s apologized and probably today in this climate regrets it more than anyone can know, but she must be hounded to the doorstep of hell for it? Come on. I pity you when your skeletons come creeping from your closet.

I remain hopeful she starts her own TV network and the Food Network finds themselves Chopped. Yes, I do believe there should be punishment for our actions – I just have a problem with overkill after the fact. I also have a problem with people who cannot just move on. Wonder how many heads rolled over at NBA TV when they inadvertently ran their championship apparel ad with the wrong team on it. Ooopsie…..some of us always thought the Spurs should have won, apparently we were unanimous in that feeling.

In short, because of the political climate today and the fact that the news makes my blood pressure spike on an hourly basis, I tend to lose myself in what my hubs refers to as “drivel.” I am unapologetic in my lack of television taste buds. I don’t complain (much) when I my DH is watching still yet ANOTHER episode of NCIS – I’m sure there is not one he has not seen at least 5 times. And I will watch Criminal Minds happily. I also freaking LOVE Big Bang Theory – for some reason it tickles me that Geeks and Nerds have become popular after spending so many years shoved in lockers. Besides I know some pretty interesting fellows who are a little geeky at times.

I’m still waiting for The Real Housewives of Sebastian or LeFlore County. These would be some chicks I could hang with and would probably resonate with a lot more people than the Beverly Hills or Orange County bunch. Although, I will say….those Jersey girls do make me laugh. But, I will give it all up if someone will resurrect Looney Tunes and give me good doses of the Coyote and Road Runner. After all………..if you can’t laugh what fun is life?