Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Squeezies Pleasies!

After my long postponed trip to the dentist finally became an actuality, my friendly dentist (cute as can be) was discussing my upcoming dental needs. I asked him when a person my age reaches an age where a dentist just says "never mind....it probably isn't going to matter anyway." He courteously chuckled and I told him "every time I see my physician and tell him I have some ailment or other, his response to me is "let's see now....how old ARE you again?" I'm pretty quick....I take this to mean I probably don't have time to A) recover from it or B) worry about it. However, I have noticed he is all over trying to send me to have my boobs flat ironed. Last visit...I turned the tables on him and retorted..."hey! those things are exactly the same age as me."

But.......I know this is wrong of me and yes, yes, I intend to go and let them be slammed in between 2 cold plates at least one more time. I urge you all to do the same...unless you are one of my lovely masculine readers. In this case, load your main squeeze and take her down for THE main squeeze!